Our Vintage Embroideries

Our beautiful vintage embroideries are folk art textiles produced amongst the many diverse and ancient cultures found along the Silk Road. They are traditionally crafted by the women of the village and are made from a young age initially as part of the traditional dowry brought to a marriage. The pieces are often created in a asocial setting where the women gather to embroidery pieces together. They draw the design on to their fabrics first, often by pen, which you can sometimes see on the embroideries where they have deviated from their original path. The use of these highly decorative textiles in the Central Asian household are manyfold: they are made for bedcovers, wall hangings, prayer rugs, nuptial ceremonies, table clothes, handkerchiefs, ceremonial costumes, horse-wear and more. The embroidered designs depict certain meanings often to do with the sun and crops, life’s fruitfulness, love and plenty. The pieces generally have deliberately incomplete segments of embroidery to signify unending life and love.

The embroideries we use are genuinely vintage with many up to over 80 years of age. They often have small marks, spots and patches but are chosen by us for their beauty and authenticity. We clean and reuse the most robust and lovely parts of these textiles in our furnishings so, if like us, you have genuine fondness for the workmanship and design of these beautiful embroideries, you will enjoy the personality and eclecticism of our redesigned pieces.