New bedspreads…Get some Boho in your bedroom…!! – Masutti Cam

Finally arrived, our vintage bohemian bedspreads…… Beautiful, vibrant and fresh our hand-embroidered vintage bedspreads ready to go … Limited stock! So get in…..

The bedspread is the biggest embroidery undertaken by the women and girls of the villages along the Silk Road, – they can take a couple of years to complete, and although they would often work together on a piece, they are a labour of love and very time consuming. They are made as part of a brides’ dowry to show off her skill to prospective husbands and their family. The designs are initially drawn on to the fabric in pen and then embroidered over… pen drawings are often still visible where they have deviated from their original path…this is very common and part of their handmade charm.

It is also customary to leave small parts of the embroidery unfinished for luck and to show that love and life are never ending to those whom lie beneath. The panels are hand stitched together and don’t often exactly match as each panel is embroidered separately. The fabric foundation and backing are pure cotton. The embroidery thread is either silk or cotton (more usually silk).

These spreads are rare to find in such good condition. They are circa 1960- 1970’s….and range, in our opinion, from excellent vintage condition to very good. Due to there age and handmade nature you may find pen drawing, the occasional small hand sewn mend or small marks such as dye drops or slight discoloration … they are the very small signs of authenticity expected by a vintage lover in textiles of this pedigree. Please contact us with any questions you may have about a piece you maybe interested in.

Image by Masutti Cam.