About Us

Welcome to Masutti & Masutti …An online treasure trove of bohemian and exotic vintage furnishings from around the world. We love the diversity of the vintage and the handmade, the uniqueness and beauty of textiles and textures. Our pieces are crafted with skill and love and are ¬†deliciously eclectic.


Angie Masutti, the company’s founder and chief designer began her journey making one-off pieces combining vintage furniture and embroidered textiles form Central Asia. Alongside these, she has now expanded our range to include our Exotic Tropic collection. Inspired by the vintage cool of the peacock chair this collection is a lush gathering of vintage-style tropical furnishings.¬†Divine together or alone, the new collection imbues the high-end hippy look loved at Masutti & Masutti.

Masutti & Masutti are proud to offer authentic, handmade products that are largely made from sustainable resources and being individually hand crafted, have minimal impact on the environment. The embroideries we use are folk-art, sourced largely from the Silk Road – the designs steeped in tribal meaning. These are gorgeous glimpses into a traditional way of life, where this intricate handicraft is handed down from mother to daughter.

Where possible our items are sourced directly from the skilled artisans in the spirit of free trade or in the case of our embroidered furniture, sourced, recycled and redesigned locally using skilled craftsmen. Happily, this means income and employment  generated stays within the communities and local villages.

We hope you enjoy fossicking around in our shop! Feel free to drop an email to Masutti & Masutti for further information on any products and services.

P.S We now have our beautiful furnishings and much more at 453 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland in our very own Pop-up shop.